The Clinic

The clinic offers the unique possibility to remain within the trusted and  personal atmosphere you have become used to at the Birth Centre as you  keep a check on your child's health during the first four years of life.  We provide children and parents with personal and tailor-made support.  Together with the parents, we follow the child's development and give  guidance with parenting and care. At the same time we remain open to new  developments and the parents ideas. Every child is unique. No child  develops according to a fixed pattern. We always allow for individual  differences in the pace of development.

During  your baby's first year you visit the clinic nine or ten times. In the  following three years you come once or twice a year, unless it is  necessary to come more often. The clinic has an important preventative  task. Within the Birth Centre there is a close working relationship  between the midwives, maternity assistants and the nurses and doctors at  the clinic. As a result, problems are identified early and tackled  collectively and effectively. The clinic is there to answer all your  questions about growth, breastfeeding and nutrition, parenting, and your  child's development during the first four years. We are alert to any  problems with psychomotor development or growth. Your child is also  offered the state vaccination programme.

Contact The Clinic

De Genestetstraat 3

1054 AX Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 581 40 80





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